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Eurofoam Fibre Pillow Eurofoam Fibre Pillow Eurofoam Fibre Pillow

Eurofoam Fibre Pillow

Type: Pillow

Our fibre pillow is made with high porous, non irritating fibre which can quickly remove the vaporized water during sleep and can maintain dryness and comfort. You deserve to rest your head on a quality pillow so are you confused about which pillow is right for proper sleep and relaxation? No need to lose sleep over it. EUROFOAM has made it easy for you to know if you need a Standard, Fiber, Latex or Euro Luxury pillows . We've created an easy guide for you, designed to take the guesswork out of choosing the right sleeping pillow for your bed and finding the right sized linens.

Available Sizes: 73cm X 48cm,

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